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The other Bravehearts have been telling stories about the new kid, Dougie. About how he shouts into a walkie-talkie with no batteries, or how the weird device he wears around his wrist that he claims is somehow dangerous, or even in the way he refers to himself as "The Corporal" and  claims to be from a far away planet. Which members of THE ZIPPER CLUB will he be able to enlist as his trusty cadet in a mission of interplanetary importance?

Tales From The Zipper Club explores the lives of more characters from the world of The Zipper Club graphic novels, in this new novel series for Junior Readers by writer Len N. Wallace and featuring chapter illustrations by Brian Koschak.

Tales From The Zipper Club - The Boy From Biaggio 4

  • Download includes .zip file containing .epub (Apple/Android compatible) .mobi (Kindle/Fire compatible) and .pdf copies of the book. 

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